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He's coming... is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Steffen Troeger.[1] It is about a dog who is awaiting his owner's return home.[2]

He's coming... primarily includes LEGO from the 1970s Homemaker theme, including full original Homemaker sets as furniture and a Homemaker figure. Also in the film is a dog made of five basic bricks, similar to a design in the set 211 Mother and Baby with Dog. The range of animation achieved with the simple dog design impressed Christoph Brock and gave him an idea, and He's coming... went on to become the primary influence on the creation of the 10 Brick Contest hosted by Brock, Troeger and Stefan van Zwam.[3]

The five-brick dog design reppears in Troeger's 2009 film MIMUS, created for the Steinerei theme "Five".


A dog and cat sit in a house, waiting. A car pulls up outside and a man whistles, and the dog heads out the door. The dog finds his owner arriving, and the owner tells the dog to do tricks. The dog complies, even though it thinks about how it would rather not due to being tired. The owner eventually requests "bird", and the dog turns in to a bird. The owner picks up the bird and brings it inside, but he has forgotten about the cat, who chases the bird around the house.[2]


The Homemaker sets wholly or partially used in the film are:[4]