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Haunting Gibberish is a 2001 abstract brickfilm by Russ Jensen about a man's adventure in a world that defies physics and gravity.[1] It is set to the music Violin Concerto by Dmitri Shostakovich and was the winner of the Best Cinematography category in the Classical Movie Contest on[2]


A man is standing outside when he is attacked by a person in a motorcycle helmet. He defeats his attacker but is approached by R2D2, who knocks him up onto a tree. The man falls out of the tree and lands in a car. He attempts to drive the car but it flips over and launches him far away.

The man lands inside a floating room with furniture on the ceiling. When he approaches it, the orientation of the room suddenly flips over, causing the man to fall off what is now the ceiling. He sits at the table to eat but finds that the drink becomes flowers and the food turns into a snake. He escapes from the house and falls from the door into a container of water.

After getting out of the container, the man finds a staircase on the ground that leads to another floating room. Inside, he sees small road signs sliding along the ground. He thinks he is hallucinating and begins rubbing his eyes, but when he looks up again, he sees a clone of himself lying on a bed. The clone sits up and a loop begins, zooming into the clone's eye socket which contains the same shot.