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Haunted is a 2001 comedy horror brickfilm by David Pagano.[1][2] It follows a group of friends who explore a haunted house at Halloween.[3] It was one of three semi-finalists in the 14-18 age category of the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest, and it was available to view on the LEGO Studios website.[4]


Three boys on a street see their friend Stuart approach. Stuart asks them what they are being for Halloween, and they all go home to get their costumes. They regroup dressed as a knight, an alien, and a skeleton, and Stuart arrives dressed as a chef. The other three laugh at Stuart's costume, causing him to leave. The three then decide that they will go to the local haunted house later.

The three arrive at the haunted house after dark. A giant spider chases them to the closed door, and a skeleton falls from above and lands on the spider, knocking it out. The three notice that the house door is now open and they go inside. Two of them go upstairs to look around, when a ghost appears and abducts the boy in the alien costume. The boy downstairs walks over to a skeleton and falls down a trapdoor, where he finds a coffin that a vampire emerges from.

The boy upstairs finds two skeletons playing Go Fish who try to get him to join in. The boy in the alien costume falls through the ceiling onto the skeletons and knocks one of their heads off, and the headless skeleton wanders around before falling out the window. The three boys regroup by the entrance to leave, but a robed figure with a knife appears. It trips over the skeleton's head and the boys take the opportunity to escape out the door. The figure removes its hood and puts on a chef hat, revealing that it was actually Stuart scaring the other three.[3]


  • David Pagano - Original concept, Sets and characters, Lighting, Animation
  • Steven Frank - Music