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Haschisch Kakalake is a 2007 music video brickfilm by nichtgedreht. It is set to the song of the same name by Creme de la Creme, and it follows two cockroaches with a plan to reach hashish within a house.[1] The creators only had enough pieces to build one of the cockroaches, so all of the shots with multiple cockroaches are composited.[2] It was created for Steinerei 2007, in which it won the Audience Prize and placed second in the jury choice. It was also shown at the Contravision Film Festival in Berlin and at the Film Festival of the HHU in Düsseldorf.[3]


  • Lukas Helmbrecht - Creator
  • Kilian Helmbrecht - Creator
  • Hendrik Denkhaus - Creator
  • Christian Denkhaus - Creator
  • Future Rock - Support
  • Christian Berg - Shisha