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Harry Bossert is a British brickfilmer. He is known for films including Megaphone, Modern Warfare, and the Sam and Stinky series.[1] He also served as the host for the tenth and eleventh Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests in 2012 and 2013, respectively.


Year Title Notes
2007 Ben and Joe Episode 1: Playing With Fire
2007 Ben and Joe Episode 2: Holes in the Roof
2007 Ben and Joe Episode 3: The Ultimate Challenge
2007 Ben and Joe Episode 4: No Escape
2007 Don't Graffiti
2007 The LEGO Hospital
2007 LEGO News
2007 Give Me the Coffee!
2007 A Non-Sustainable Holiday Resort
2007 22 Days Earlier
2007 Farm Friends
2007 Ben and Joe: Series 2 Eps. 1 Deadbeat Holiday
2007 The LEGO Hospital 2
2007 Bad Skate
2007 Ben and Joe: Series 2 Eps. 2 Daredevils
2007 Ben and Joe: Series 2 Eps. 3 The End
2007 Leave Me Alone
2007 Badvert
2007 The LEGO Hospital: Revenge!
2007 The LEGO Hospital Goes Broke
2008 The Break In Trailer
2008 Mollycoddle Dictionary Series film
2008 Behind the Scenes at Zoot Productions
2008 Children's Rights
2008 Kill Neil
2008 Pets
2008 Happy Birthday LEGO!
2008 Opinions
2008 Epitaph to a Baby
2008 James Pond Trailer
2008 Have You Heard?
2008 Posthumous Dictionary Series film
2008 Signatory Dictionary Series film
2008 April 1st
2008 Hire a Kidnapper Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5 entry
2008 Scream
2008 Fan Boy Fight
2008 Nickelback - Rockstar Unfinished
2008 We are (LEGO) YouTube
2008 Fetor Dictionary Series film
2008 Zombie Attack
2008 The Creation Story
2008 Goodbye Brickfilms Challenge Series #2: Time Runs Backwards winner
2008 That Hat
2008 Grumpy
2008 Hit Technical Excellence Competition entry
2008 The Machine CBBC Me and My Movie 2008 entry
2008 TV Addiction 2 Day Summer Animation Contest entry[2]
2008 Hobo's Delight Co-production with Daragh Twomey
Brickfilming Halloween Competition 2 entry
2008 Epic War
2008 Up
2008 A Christmas Carol - Opening
2009 Girlfriend Trouble Late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 film
2009 Whose Line is it Anyway? - Scenes From a Hat
2009 The Incident Under the Lamppost
2009 Greed
2009 Bump
2009 Love Day
2009 Musical Mafia
2009 Toxic Burry Vs. Binks Lipsync Battle entry
2009 Bike 2 Day Brick Animation Contest entry
2009 Victims of the Pixies
2009 Killing Mr. Twomey Co-production with Seán Willis
2009 Road Rescue
2009 Knight's Treasure
2009 Sam and Stinky Get a Kitchen
2009 I Am Watching You Pee X [3]
2009 Filip Makes a Prank Call Part 3 Co-production with Filip Bergström, Stijn Heirstrate and Seán Willis[4]
2009 Open Your Mouth Right Now I Gotta Pee X [5]
2009 Life Late AniExer-size Animation Contest film
2009 Swine Flu: The Pandemic AniExer-size Animation Contest II second place winner[6]
2009 Sam and Stinky Have a Christmas Adventure
2010 Hole Unfinished late Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 film
2010 Megaphone - Parry Gripp
2010 Spheres
2010 Wall Jumper Bricks in Motion "Wall Jump" Animation Challenge entry
2010 101 Ways a Minifig Can Be Stereotypically British #1
2010 Modern Warfare Death and Destruction Contest first place winner
2010 Physics Lesson "Jumping out of a Window" Animation Challenge winner
2010 iPhone Line Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2010 What Do ____ Do At Christmas?
2011 Sam and Stinky Fall in Love
2011 The Audition
2011 In the Kitchen
2011 Pile Of Kittens (In My Mind) - Parry Gripp "Dreams" Animation Challenge entry
2012 Letter of Resignation
2012 Brickfilming Is Just Awesome Community project co-ordinated by Harry Bossert
2012 Movie Moments Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2013 2012: A Year in Bricks Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2014 Dancing on Ice Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2014 YogLEGO: The Bomb Commissioned by Yogscast
2014 YogLEGO: Hold "Space" to Slow Down! Commissioned by Yogscast
2014 Junge, Komm Bald Wieder Commissioned by LEGO employee Colin Collier
Also known as Boy, Come Back Soon or Baby, Hurry Home Soon
2014 YogLEGO: Door to Door Salesman Commissioned by Yogscast
2014 YogLEGO: Morning Ritual Commissioned by Yogscast
2014 What's Going on with Zoot101
2014 The Perfect Big Feastival Commissioned by The Big Feastival and/or The LEGO Group
2017 Kaleb McKane - Talk To God Commissioned by Kaleb McKane
2017 Campaign For A Better Next Weekend