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Hamburger is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It is about the Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus showing up to attack Kevin and Mr. Tater for no reason.[1] It is the sixth film in the Kevin and Mr. Tater series and the final installment of The Lunch Trilogy.[2]


Doctor Octopus appears in Mr. Tater's house to attack Kevin and Mr. Tater "for no apparent reason". Meanwhile, Spider-Man saves two children from being run over before his spider senses begin tingling, and he heads for Mr. Tater's house. He is about to swing through the window but Doc Ock closes it and returns to terrorizing Kevin and Mr. Tater. After beating up Kevin, he asks Mr. Tater for any last words, to which he replies "Snoogie!". Mr. Tater's cat, Mr. Snoogie, attacks Doc Ock and beheads him, as Spider-Man enters through the door. Spider-Man declares his work to be done and attempts to swing away, but crashes into the window, which is still closed.[1]



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