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Ham On Set is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Spencer Katz.[1][2] It is about an irritable Russian film director whose production is hampered by mistakes of his crew.[3] It was created for and won a Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge with the theme "Hamming It Up".[4] It was filmed while Katz was in the process of shooting Egyptian Holiday, and so was shot on a set built for that film and included the characters from that film as the actors being filmed. Ham On Set was featured on The Brothers Brick, and it was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.


While filming a scene of his latest film, "Egyptian Holiday", director Boris Krikitov commentates orders over the actors. Pleased with the scene he yells cut, only to be told by a cameraman that the lens cap had been on the whole time while filming the scene. Having been irritated by the boom man prior, Boris gets angry.

Boris then enters into an understandable fit of rage and begins causing a scene of his own on set. While other on set try to calm him down, he continues to act out. Including throwing a producer into a pit, and beating the cameraman with his own camera.