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Hallowieners is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Kate Fischer. It follows Ralph and Rupert attending a Halloween party, which is soon turned into a séance.[1] It is the third film in the Ralph and Rupert series.


Ralph is very excited that it is Halloween and unveils costumes for himself and Rupert. He gets into his R2-D2 costume and forces Rupert to dress as C-3PO, after which they go to a costume party being held by their friend Gordon. Rupert does not recognise anyone at the party so Ralph points the people who he knows.

Gordon enters and instructs everyone to get into a circle, telling them he has brought them together to bring a spirit back from the dead. Once the circle is formed, a disc placed in the centre produces a spirit. Gordon is amazed, but Ralph just wants to go trick or treating. Gordon offers to bring back more spirits but his guests exit in a flash. Gordon is disappointed as he had planned to bring back the spirit of Rick James.[1]


References to other brickfilms[]

The costume party sequence sees Ralph pointing out the brickfilm characters Pete from the Mediocre Hour series, Mr. Tater and Kevin from the Kevin and Mr. Tater series, and Steve and Dave from the Steve and Dave series. There is also a background appearance by Steve Earwigg, who starred in the films Natural Enemy and Animation Class 2: Frame-rate by Nate Burr.


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