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Peter, Octavia, Robin, Helen and Alex Tritthart, also known as HARPO Studios, are a German family of brickfilmers. They have released brickfilms sporadically between the years 1985 and 2010 and are best known for Ein König reich, Nicht mein Tag and Von der Rolle, as well as for being among the first German brickfilmers. Including their live-action brickfilms, they have one of the the largest known spans of brickfilming activity at 25 years.


The Trittharts made their first two brickfilms in live-action using strings to move the objects. Their first film, So ein Zirkus, was made in 1985 with Playmobil and DUPLO bricks and figures. They next created a Star Wars parody, Krieg der Steine, in 1990 using LEGO bricks.

Their first stop-motion animated video, Ein König reich, was made in 1998 and was filmed at 8 frames-per-second. After uploading the film to the internet in 2003, the Trittharts were pleased by the number of downloads it was getting and were inspired to create 2 new films in 2005, Nicht mein Tag and Von der Rolle.[1]

The Tritthart family resurfaced in 2010 with Felix!, their submission to the German brickfilm festival Steinerei 2010. It is unknown if they plan to continue producing films.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
1985 So ein Zirkus X
1990 Krieg der Steine
1998 Ein König reich
2005 Nicht mein Tag
2005 Von der Rolle
2010 Felix! Steinerei 2010 entry


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