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Peter, Octavia, Robin, Helen and Alex Tritthart, also known as HARPO Studios, are a German family of brickfilmers. They have released brickfilms sporadically between the years 1985 and 2010 and are best known for Ein König reich, Nicht mein Tag & Von der Rolle, as well as for being among the first German brickfilmers. Including their live-action brickfilms, they have one of the the widest spans of brickfilming activity at 25 years.


The Trittharts made their first two brickfilms in live-action using strings to move the objects. Their first film, So ein Zirkus, was made in 1985 with Playmobil and DUPLO bricks and figures. They next created a Star Wars parody, Krieg der Steine, in 1990 using LEGO bricks.

Their first stop-motion animated video, Ein König reich, was made in 1998 and was filmed at 8 frames-per-second.[1] After uploading the film to the internet in 2003, the Trittharts were pleased by the number of downloads it was getting and were inspired to create 2 new films in 2005, Nicht mein Tag & Von der Rolle.

The Tritthart family resurfaced in 2010 with Felix!, their submission to the German brickfilm festival Steinerei 2010. It is unknown if they plan to continue producing films.[2]


Year Title Notes
1985 So ein Zirkus X
1990 Krieg der Steine
1998 Ein König reich
2005 Nicht mein Tag
2005 Von der Rolle
2010 Felix! Steinerei 2010 entry