HALO: The Battle of Block Planet
A Spartan shoots at Covenant soldiers
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Directed by
Released September 26, 2011
  • Science fiction
  • Action
Running time
Language English
Created for Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Video Contest

HALO: The Battle of Block Planet is a 2011 sci-fi action brickfilm by Dylan Woodley.[1][2] It follows a battle between opposing factions of Spartan and Covenant troops.[3] It was an entry to the Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Video Contest, and won second place.[4]

Plot Edit

In a base, there is a warning of enemy troops positioning for attack and an order to dispatch troops for battle. A transport vehicle drops off eight Spartan troops, and they locate the attacking Covenant soldiers. A battle breaks out, until only one Spartan remains. The Spartan hides when he spots another Covenant soldier approaching in a Ghost. He checks his radar to see reinforcements closing in on his position. Another Spartan arrives in a Warthog with a turret on the back, which the first Spartan uses to blow up the Ghost.[3]

Award nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2011 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Animation Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated

References Edit

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