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HALO: Assault On Squad 45 is a 2012 sci-fi action and comedy brickfilm series by Pablo Llorens. It is about a series of engagements between UNSC and Covenant troops, and was made for Mega Bloks (now Mega Construx).[1][2]


Episode 1:

Episode 1 has the UNSC begin their fight with the Covenant, The UNSC starts off with a good foothold against the Covenant, however are quickly taken out and slowly pushed back towards a cliff edge. The episode ends with the surviving UNSC troops being blasted off the cliff edge by a group of Locusts.

Episode 2:

Episode 2 begins by revealing most if not all of the UNSC troops that fell off managed to land on 2 Pelican, which rise above the cliff and the troops on top start firing, while being flanked by two Shortswords. In the meantime, ODST’s drop in and a small team of 3 collectively take out a few Covenant troops and a single Wraith. The fight continues, and the episode ends with a Shortsword sortie bombing and destroying most of the Covenant vehicles. The UNSC pack up and then leave in Pelicans.

Episode 3:

Episode 3 begins with the green Spartan leader congratulating another Spartan for capturing an Arbiter, who unfortunately electrocutes himself in his cage several times. The episode then cuts back to a flashback about the capture of the Arbiter, before cutting back to a Hunter from the previous episode being rescued by a Phantom, where the Fleetmaster then orders a rescue of the Arbiter, with the film panning out to show thousands of Phantoms.

Episode 4:

Episode 4 begins with the Arbiter being interrogated by the green Spartan leader, however the interrogation is cut short by a Covenant attack. The UNSC forces fight hard, however the Covenant have bigger numbers and quickly destroyed most of the UNSC defenses and their base and rescue the Arbiter. The UNSC troops eventually decide to retreat with all their remaining forces and fight another day, ending the series on a cliffhanger.