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Hayden M. Steadman is an American brickfilmer best known for his 30-minute long animated film titled Black & White, released in 2013 on his YouTube channel Steadman Studios. He has been working on a sequel to that film, The Color War, which was originally scheduled for release in 2018, but after several postponements, the project is listed as TBA.


Years and order of release are largely uncertain, as some of them were originally released on a now deleted YouTube channel, and others were possibly deleted from and reuploaded to the current channel.[1][2]

(The dates below have been updated and are accurate as per the video files themselves, although some were copies and are somewhat later than their original production dates. -H.M.)

Year Title Notes
2011 Black & White
2012 Blue Link Is Stupid
2012 The Color Orange (Original)
2012 December 22, 2012
2013 A Batman Christmas
2013 Stormtroopers Go Camping
2013 Respect
2013 Robin Gets Kidnapped
2013 Robin and the RROD
2013 The Adventures of Catman and Cupid
2013 LEGO Harry Potter Massacre
2013 The White Room
2013 Hollow
2013 Rise of P-Squiddy
2013 Return of P-Squiddy
2013 Redemption of P-Squiddy
2013 Aurora
2013 (A Not-So-Simple) Masking Test
2013 The Support Group
2013 Color Coordination
2013 Goof'n Off (With Bob)
2013 Wolverine VS Deadpool
2013 Facebook
2013 Silly Batman Shorts: Volume 1
2013 Nightmare
2013 Gandalf Arrives
2013 The Color Orange (Remake)
2013 Goof'n Off (With Atomic Bombs)
2014 A Batman Christmas (Remake)
2015 Keeper
2017 War Is Coming...