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Gus Danko is an American brickfilmer. He is best known for films including multiple brickfilms based on Star Wars, the two Batman vs Joker films, LEGO Watch Dogs, and Bibby Town: Bibby's Beginnings.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2011? Bibby Town X [2]
2011 LEGO Star Wars Gun or Real Gun?
2011 Jokes with Saymore Jokes Episode 1
2011 Star Wars - The Betrayal Part 1
2011 Jokes with Saymore Jokes Episode 2
2011 Gabe And Gus Episode 1
2012 "I Have Forseen It" X [3]
2012 Jokes with Saymore Jokes Episode 3
2012 Bibby Town: Bibby's Beginnings
2012 Jokes with Saymore Jokes Episode 4
2012 Batman vs Joker
2012 Halloween Special
2013 Star Wars - The Betrayal Part II
2013 Happy 4th Of July! - From Bibby Kibby
2013 LEGO Watch Dogs
2013 Saymore Jokes 5
2014 Bad Day 4 Bob - LEGO PSA
2014 LEGO Star Wars Gun or Real Gun?
2015 LEGO Christmas Story Created for the children's Christmas Eve service at Calvin Presbyterian Church
2015 This is Star Wars After All
2016 Breakfast For Kylo Ren
2016 Saving LEGO Batman - Batman Vs Joker 2
2016 LEGO Minecraft - The Diamond Shotgun!
2016 Timed Rescue
2016 Stormtrooper Face-Off
2016 LEGO Iron Man Vs Ultron - Dogfight
2016 LEGO Captain America: Civil War - Black Panther Vs Bucky
2016 A Tale of Two Darths
2016 Kylo Vs Hux
2016 The Force In Vader
2017 Kylo Ren on Set
2017 A Date For Kylo Ren
2018 Kylo Strikes Back
2020 The Last Bounty Hunter
2020 Spider-Man: The HOME saga - In LEGO
2020 The Ultimate LEGO Bank Robbery - TRUCK SMASH!
2020 The Skywalker Saga in LEGO Community project coordinated by Brickfilm Day
2020 Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren
2020 Stormtrooper Sharpshooter

References Edit

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