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Gunship Down is a 2009 sci-fi horror brickfilm by Jordan Johnson, based on Star Wars.[1] It is about the sole survivor of a mysterious gunship crash who tries to escape when he gets the feeling he is not alone.[2]


A Stormtrooper awakens on a crashed gunship. He opens the door and exits, only to find his fellow crew members dead on the ground outside. He is confused as to how this happened and begins to look for a way out of the area when he hears a noise.

A presence begins to move in the background, and a second noise puts the Stormtrooper on edge. He raises his gun and has the feeling that someone is around, but he does not see anyone. He begins to run away, only to be cut down by the lightsaber of Starkiller.[2]

Award nominations[]

Gunship Down was nominated for one award in the 2009 BiMAs.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Sound Design Nominated