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Grumpy Monkey is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It follows the story of Steve talking to a grumpy monkey.[2] It is the twelfth brickfilm in the Steve and Dave series.


Steve is enjoying a quite moment in the park, free from disturbances like Dave and BoB. However, his peace is quickly interrupted by a grumpy monkey wearing a blue cap. Steve asks how the monkey is doing. The monkey grumpily replies that it's fine, besides the fact that humans are constantly offering it bananas. The monkey goes on to describe how much it hates bananas, and how it is allergic to them. Steve tries to change the topic, but the irate monkey continues, pointing out that most cats are also allergic to milk, and monkeys are never seen climbing banana trees. Steve corrects the monkey, pointing out that bananas technically grow on herbs. The monkey mocks Steve's intelligence, pointing out that he is a talking monkey.

Steve returns home to find Dave standing on one leg, who is practicing just in case he loses a leg. Dave asks if Steve had a good walk. Steve says he met a monkey, and that they are planning the destruction of the human race via an elaborate plan involving poisoning tofu. Dave exclaims "You met a monkey?!"[2]


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