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Grand Theft Auto is a 2002 crime brickfilm by Patryk Wawer, based on the video game series of the same name.[1] It is notable for being the first feature length brickfilm to be released online,[2][3] although it is not the first to be primarily comprised of stop-motion animation, as it is primarily a live-action brickfilm with minimal amounts of stop-motion and computer generated animation.[4] The feature length brickfilm Tapporalli 2020 by Johannes Rojola was completed earlier but was not online until later due to lack of web space. The 2004 film Star Wars: The Great Disturbance by Leftfield Studios was the first feature length brickfilm released online to be primarily comprised of stop-motion animation.

Grand Theft Auto was the first brickfilm project that Wawer began, though he created and released a number of shorter brickfilms before its completion.[5] A director's cut of the film was released on April 16, 2005,[6][7] but this cut has not yet been located for the Brickfilm Archive.



  • Richie Chotkoe as Nick, Jonas, Lu, William, Sergio, Additional
  • Patryk Wawer as Ivo, Bonny, Father Poulus, Additional
  • Austin Surge as Business man 1
  • Sean "BrickMovies4U" Collins as Business man 2
  • Stephen "stephenl54" Lord as Guard
  • Stefan van Zwam as Anton
  • Chris "LegoProductions" Molly as Weapon dealer
  • Brendan "movietiger" Graham as Paul


  • Patryk Wawer - Writer, Director, Producer, Animator, Special effects, Editor
  • Marshall Mash - Music
  • Hendrik-Jan Wentink - Music, special thanks
  • Guus van Reemst - Special thanks
  • Richie Chotkoe - Special thanks
  • Eelke Ros - Very special thanks
  • Jack Molly - Poster


Grand Theft Auto 2 was in pre-production in 2003.[8][9] This sequel was going to follow the same two main characters and be based in London,[10][11] and it was planned to be 95 minutes long with an estimated release date of November 2004.[12] This sequel was ultimately never produced.