Graeme Allen
Graeme Allen's signature figure as seen in the unfinished film 'The Day Crashed 2.0'
Also known as
  • Littlebrick
  • Brixar
  • Strange0range
Years active

2005 - 2012

2014 - Present
Nationality US flag American
Notable works
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Graeme Allen is an American brickfilmer known for The End and for runner-ups in the two Nadine and Charlie Music Video Competitions, Just Push Play and Lonesome Heroes. He has been releasing full brickfilms since 2005 but was inactive between the years 2012 and 2014 as he was on a mission with the LDS church during this time.[1][2] Since returning, he occasionally releases CG brickfilm tests.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2005 Air Head Videos[3]
2005 Air Head Videos 2[4]
2005 Air Head Videos 3
2005 Air Head Videos 4
2005 Johnny's Island[5]
2005 Get That Dino Outta Here!
2005 Demented Cashier
2005 Demented Cashier 2
2005 Jean Robber[6]
2005 Josh's New Webcam
2006 Just Push Play Nadine and Charlie Music Video Competition runner-up
2006 The End Disqualified Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 entry[7]
2006 Irascible Dictionary Series film
2007 The Day Crashed Community project co-ordinated by Nathan Wells
2007 Lonesome Heroes Nadine and Charlie 2007 Music Video Competition runner-up
2007 Jostle Dictionary Series film
2007 Paroxysm Dictionary Series film
2008 Hey Laydeez! Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5A entry
2008 Abrade Dictionary Series film
2009 Title is Irrelevant
2009 Teaser is Irrelevant
2011 Burgled!
2015 It's A Time Machine...
2016 Shoulda Played Dead...


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