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Goblin Rush is a 2019 action fantasy brickfilm by Ethan Olson, Chris Boyer, and Sean M. It follows the story of a group of friends playing a roleplaying game. It won second place in the sixteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[1]


A group of friends play a tabletop roleplaying game. In the game, four adventurers discover a treasure chest. The rogue successfully picks the lock of the chest, but two goblins suddenly attack. The archer kills one goblin with a well-placed shot, and the second goblin rushes forward. The barbarian prepares to attack - but the player rolls a 1! - and the barbarian dies. The player flips the table in anger.[2]


  • Ethan Olson - Animator, Director
  • Chris Boyer - Animator, Director
  • Sean M. - Animator, Director
  • Kevin MacLeod - Music