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The Go Miniman Go! Video Contest was a brickfilming contest run in 2008 by in official association with the LEGO Group. It was run as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the LEGO minfigure.


In 2008, The LEGO Group celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the LEGO minifigure with their Go Miniman Go! campaign. A website,, was set up and featured articles, activities and downloads relating to the LEGO minifigure.[1] Two official contests were launched to tie in with the campaign: The Go Miniman Go! Photo Contest, hosted by,[2] and the Go Miniman Go! Video Contest, hosted by

The Go Miniman Go! Video Contest was launched on August 25 alongside three brickfilms commissioned as part of the campaign: 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure by Nathan Wells, Go Miniman Go! by David Pagano and Living in MeatSpace by Nate Burr. These films were included in the contest announcement to serve as inspiration for entrants. The theme of the contest was to "create a movie in honor of the minifig", though the only requirement to fit this theme was to include a minifig in the entry. While stop-motion was the encouraged technique for entries, it was not a requirement. The minimum time limit was 20 seconds and the deadline was October 31.[3]

Judging and Prizes[]

The judges of the contest were brickfilmers Nate Burr, David Pagano and Nathan Wells as well as LEGO's director of Marketing Communications Keith Malone and Gizmodo writer Jesus Diaz. The first place winner would receive a choice of prize between the vintage LEGO sets 928 Galaxy Explorer and 375 Yellow Castle, with second place taking the remaining set. Third place would receive a set designed by LEGO's then-CEO Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. There were also unspecified smaller vintage space and town sets, new vintage minifigure packs and newer sets for runner-ups.


Top 5
Place Film Name Director
1. Train to Catch David Boddy[4]
2. Weltraffer nichtgedreht
3. The Creators Jumpei Mitsui
4. The Archeologists Dobromil Nosek
5. Attack of the Second Amendment Zach Macias


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