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Go Miniman Go! is a 2008 brickfilm by David Pagano. It follows a minifigure who goes on a tour seeing many classic LEGO themes and sets from throughout history.[1] It was commissioned by The LEGO Group as one of three brickfilms created to tie in with their "Go Miniman Go!" 30th anniversary of the minifigure campaign and to help promote the Go Miniman Go! Video Contest, along with 30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure by Nathan Wells and Living in MeatSpace by Nate Burr.[2] Later, it became available to view on Comcast On Demand. It was the first brickfilm created for The LEGO Group by Pagano, and he would go on to receive commissioned work from them frequently, starting later in 2008 for the 2009 Space Police series.


  • David Pagano - Director, Animator, Editor, Construction
  • Mark Pagano - Additional animation, Assistance, Construction
  • Steve Stein - Music, Sound design
  • Chris Pagano - Construction
  • Leonard Pagano - Construction