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Ghost Train is a 2009 comedy-horror brickfilm by David Boddy.[1] It is about two men who ride a ghost train attraction at an amusement park.[2] It was made in three days for the AniExer-size Animation Contest II - Halloween Edition and won third place.[3] A second version with an alternate ending was released on October 30, 2009.[4]


Two men are in an amusement park at the only ride they haven't yet been on, the Ghost Train. The man in the hat is scared to ride it as he doesn't like the look of it, but the man in green convinces him to go on it. They get on the ride and see skeletons, ghosts, spiders and fire. The man in green enjoys it at first but becomes terrified by the end. The man in the hat also has a change of heart, saying it was awesome.

In the alternate ending, the two men disappear on the ride, and the ride attendant grins and laughs.[2]