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Ghost Train is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Ben Morson and Mich Scott ("Watercooler Productions").[1][2] It is about two men who go on a ghost train ride, with one being excited and the other skeptical.[3] It is the only brickfilm known to have been made by its creators. A website hosted a higher quality download, pictures of the set, and additional information, but none of this was archived.


Tim and Jim wait in line for a ghost train ride. Jim is pessimistic, thinking ghost trains are always boring, but Tim is excited about all the scary things he has heard about in this one. Jim is seated and sent inside, and Tim manages to fool the attendant checking for the height requirement before being sent on in.

Jim hears a voiceover explain that the house was the stage for a series of murders and that angry spirits are trapped inside. Jim sees the supposedly scary set pieces, but is unflinching and unimpressed. He is sent to a lower level and sees skeletons in electric chairs and heads on sticks. His picture is taken, and a dragon emerges and breathes fire. Jim arrives back outside, and finds that Tim is already out. Tim is very happy with everything he saw on the ride. Jim, beginning to be won over, agrees to go on again.[3]