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Geek Out is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is the tenth film in the Steve and Dave series and follows a nerdy conversation between Steve and Dave which takes an unexpected turn.[2] It was an entry into the BricksWest 2003 Animation Festival Comedy Competition.[3]

Geek Out contains cutaways that consist of films reused from Burr's Bluntmation 7/7 project, in which he created one short brickfilm a day for a week from January 12 - 18, 2003.[4] The films included are Fly and Duel.


After Steve watches a Star Wars short film on TV, he calls Dave into the room for a conversation. Steve talks about how the Stormtroopers in Star Wars have terrible aim, and that the Decepticons in Transformers suffer the same handicap. He explains his theory that after Anakin Skywalker paved the way for robot replacement body parts when becoming Darth Vader, Decepticons were created with the brains of recently deceased Stormtroopers, meaning they are not robots, but cyborgs.

Something crashes through the apartment window, and when Steve looks over, he sees what appears to be a lightsaber. He picks it up and gets it to turn on. Dave is shocked that lightsabers are real, and Steve is ecstatic over his newfound weapon and proceeds to have a lot of fun using it to destroy all the furniture in their home. Afterwards, a man in black enters and uses a device to stun Steve and Dave and wipe their short-term memories. He confiscates the lightsaber and leaves. When Steve sees the state the apartment is in, he blames it on Dave and orders him to clean it up.[2]


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