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Gareth Pugh is a British brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the Star Wars brickfilm series Squad 42, including the films Squad 42: No Alternative and Squad 42: Alone in the Dark. Although he didn't release any brickfilms from 2012 until 2018, he continued to occasionally release CG brickfilm test animations during this time period, and eventually released his first fully CG brickfilm, Squad 42: Dissolution, in 2018.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2007 Juggernaught
2007 Stormtrooper Scooper Recut in 2008 as Self-Ownage.
2007 LEGO Star Wars: The INTRUSION! in green screen
2007 Squad 42
2007 Traffic Trouble
2007 Squad 42: Rise of the Confederacy
2007 Squad 42: The Final Order
2008 Rebellion: The Curse of Battle
2008 Rebellion II: Consequences
2008 Rebellion III: Ultimatum
2008 Squad 42: No Alternative
2008 There will be Pulp darthmilo77's Obligatory Contest first place winner
2008 Indiana Jones and the Steaming Temple
2008 Squad 42: Alone in the Dark
2009 LEAP
2009 Agatean Nights Unfinished
2009 101 Ways a Minifigure Can Fail at Life #2
2010 The Emperor's Mistake
2010 The Many Emotions Of A Minifigure
2011 APRIL FOOLS! Squad 42: Galactic City
2012 Squad 42 VI - Unused Footage
2018 Squad 42: Dissolution

References Edit

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