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Galen Johnson is a Canadian brickfilmer.[1] He is known for VFX-heavy brickfilms, including LEGO Iron Man, The Battle for Helm's Deep, and The Website, which was one of the winners of the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014. More recently, he has provided VFX work for certain brickfilms animated by Adam Nies, including Lando's Deal.[2]


Year Title Notes
2006 LEGO Les Misérables
2007 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
2008 LEGO Sweeney Todd
2008 Wicked, LEGO Defy Gravity
2009 The City Gym Takedown
2009 Camelot
2012 The Battle for Helm's Deep
2012 LEGO WW2 part1
2012 LEGO Alien Hunter
2013 LEGO Iron Man
2013 How the Lord of the Rings should have ended
2013 Food Fighter The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 AFOL Contest Entry ReBrick Show Us an AFOL Competition entry
2013 Le Iron Man Miserable
2014 Wolverine is ANTI, Anti-Smoking
2014 Cooking with Thor
2014 LEGO Man of La Mancha Trailer
2014 The Website Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014 third place winner
2014 LEGO ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
2014 First Contact Bricks in Motion Celebration Contest third place winner
2014 Lock & Load in LEGO!
2015 LEGO Space Chase
2016 Rogue One Trailer IN LEGO!
2016 A Chorus Line in digital LEGO!
2016 My Porsche Dream Race Rebrick LEGO Stop-Motion Dream Race entry
2016 Assassin's Creed Trailer in LEGO
2016 LEGO Star Wars Battlefront Teaser Trailer
2016 LEGO Ironman VS LEGO Batman
2016 LEGO Batman Bank Robbery Rebrick LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films entry
2017 LEGO STAR WARS: Alternate ending Animation Career Review 2017 Film Parody/Tribute Short Animation Contest tenth place winner[3]
2017 LEGO Game of Thrones
2017 Lando's Deal Directed by Adam Nies
2017 LEGO Retirement!
2018 LEGO Buddy Holly, Oh Boy!
2019 Escape from Scarif Directed by Adam Nies
Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2019 Build the magic & relive the adventure! Directed by Adam Nies
Commissioned by The LEGO Group and Barnes & Noble