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Galactic Smugglers is a series of science fiction brickfilms created by The Four Monkeys. It follows the adventures of a gang of space smugglers with a ship called the Buffalo Skies, led by Captain Cornelius Dude.[1] It is one of the longest-running brickfilm series', spanning over ten years.[2]


"It is the year 4009. Mankind has spread to star systems 1000 light years across space in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Most of this territory is controlled by the Galactic Empire. For 1500 years they have kept peace by completely controlling its citizens lives. Movies, television, most music, and other arts have been banned from use completely. Possession and use of some art carries the death penalty. There are a few free star systems where some art and media are tolerated, but the Empire grows and enforces its power and influence more and more. Some brave souls smuggle for a living. They smuggle movies, music, guns, food, and anything else that can get them money on the market."
- Galactic Smugglers Episode 1 video description


Episode 1: The Pirates (2009)
The Buffalo Skies is threatened by a ship of space pirates.

Episode 2: Save Benny Hill (2009)
The crew of the Buffalo Skies are tasked with smuggling stolen lost episodes of The Benny Hill Show to the Free Republic Archive.

Episode 3: PWNED (2009)
A scavenger mission is interrupted by the crew of a different ship, the Fire Deer.

Episode 4: Planet of the Mutants (2009)
Following the encounter with the Fire Deer, the Buffalo Skies crash lands on a planet inhabited by mutants, and the crew must repair the ship.

Episode 5: The Duke's Ball (2009)

Valentine's Day Special (2010)
The ship's computer daydreams on Valentine's Day.

Episode 6: The Art of War (2010)

Episode 7: The Hand of Death (2012)

Episode 8: Get Johnny Back to the Future (2013)

Halloween Special (2013)
The ship's computer plays a Halloween prank.

How Captain Dude Got the Buffalo Skies (2015)

Episode 9: Low Places (2017)

Episode 10: Dungeons and Dragons (2020)