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The GO Film 2013 contest was a brickfilming competition hosted by Hal Warner-Clayton (with Lucas Mass taking over during the judging) on the Bricks in Motion forums in 2013. It was intended to be the beginning of an annual fixture, but no subsequent installments ever took place. The stated goal of the contest was "to help animators exercise their film making abilities and create modern works that explore new ideas rarely touched in LEGO animation."[1]


The contest was first announced on August 14, 2013. However, the theme was not to be announced alongside it and was eventually revealed on August 21 after a number of delays.[2] There was a choice between two themes; Order and Change and the deadline was October 15.

Originally, there were to have been three different prize categories. These were Best Overall, Funniest Entry and Most Creative Entry. All entries would be ranked based on a set of judging criteria, the winner of which would be the Best Overall winner. The categories were Plot/Story, Theme Interpretation, Cinematography, Animation, Sound, Set Building and Editing. No specific prizes had been decided in the announcement, but they were intended to be provided by a sponsor and be on a similar level to those offered for Festival of Souls. The prize category of Funniest Entry received criticism for focusing on a specific genre in an otherwise open-ended contest. While the category would eventually disappear, this was not the reason why. The judging panel was slated to consist of Hal Warner-Clayton, John Lucewich and Rob Bauer.

Around the conclusion of the contest, Hal Warner-Clayton lost home internet access for an extended period of time. Control of the contest was handed over to Lucas Mass.[3] During this time, the decision was made to drop the Funniest Entry and Most Creative prize categories, which generated controversy after the results were announced. The final judging panel was Lucas Mass, "CarrollFilms" and Stijn Heirstrate. The results were announced on November 9.[4] 8 entries were judged, but this was not actually confirmed to have been the full entry list.


  1. Indus by Bruno Lefèvre
  2. The Sheriff by Iver Jensen
  3. The Man in Red and Blue by Tobias Nikl
  4. (tied for #4) Only to the Future by Lucas "LucasetaK" Kates
  5. (tied for #4) Cops by Austin "adruber" Swartzendruber
  6. Literal Man by Nathan "END films" Stougard
  7. Tim and His Terrible Behavior by Michael "LASF" Jurist
  8. The Disorderly Ways of the Brick-Faces by Omar "Mickey" Mickelson