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GOBBLE GOBBLE is a 2022 horror brickfilm made by Twisted Bricks as part of their Tales From the Bricks series.


Louis, a man dressed as a turkey for his job on Thanksgiving, leaves the store as his owner Gustav is pestered by a mustached man in need of a turkey. Louis is confronted in the street by a woman asking if he wants to be her turkey for tonight before the woman and the mustached man knock him out. Louis awakens to discover himself bound in a room, being held captive by a the mustached man and his family: his father, a white-haired man, and his two children, Jackie (the woman) and a short man named Scalif.

When Louis tries to plead with them, the mustached man claims to only be able to hear "GOBBLE GOBBLE" before cutting off one of his arms with a machete. When the white-haired man defecates himself, the mustached man leaves to clean him up as Scalif guards Louis. While Scalif is distracted, Louis frees himself and slices Scalif's neck with the machete before running. The two men discover Scalif's corpse and begin to hunt Louis in their compound.

While the mustached man leaves to get Jackie, the white-haired man shoots at Louis but injures himself in doing so. When Jackie returns, she spies the turkey costume and shoots at it, only realizing after the fact that she shot and killed the white-haired man after Louis dressed him in the costume; Louis bisects her with a chainsaw that he found. He is shot at by the mustached man but manages to shoot him instead; when the mustached man angrily curses at him, Louis claims to only be able to hear "GOBBLE GOBBLE" before shooting him in the head, killing him. Louis gets into a car and drives off.