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Fusillade is a 2018 comedy brickfilm by Garry Moore and Gregory Moore.[1] It portrays seemingly random events that allow a prisoner to escape death row.[2] This film was entered in Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2018 and won third place.[3]


An Admiral lights a pipe and drops some lit material on the ground. As he walks away, fire creeps along a fuse. At a nearby location the Admiral reads charges against a prisoner who faces a firing squad. The Admiral bumps into a cannon. Frustrated, he kicks the cannon out of his way. It unintentionally lines up with the soldiers. Right before the squad fires on the prisoner, the lit fuse sets off the cannon, taking out the soldiers and allowing the prisoner to escape. Exasperated, the Admiral lets out an exclamation with a double meaning.


  • Adrian Aguilera as The Admiral

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2019 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Nominated