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Fulfillment is a 2008 drama brickfilm by Nathan Mancini.[1] It follows a businessman and a homeless man whose lives are brought together through unusual circumstances.[2] It was followed by Culmination in 2009.


When a businessman arrives at his place of work, he spots a homeless man with a pot across the street, but he continues on inside. Later, it is raining heavily, and the businessman looks out the door. He leaves and extends an umbrella, ignoring the homeless man as he heads home.

The businessman makes his way to work, but is followed by a mugger. At the door, the mugger punches the man, whose briefcase spills money. The mugger raises a knife, and the businessman looks across the street for the homeless man, who is absent. A clang is heard as the homeless man hits the mugger over the head with his pot. The homeless man returns to his spot. The next time the homeless man wakes up, his pot is filled with money.

Two weeks later, the businessman sees the previously homeless man in a suit entering their shared placed of work. The mugger is eventually seen sitting across the street with a pot, begging.[2]


Year Competition Category Result
2009 LeTourneau University Film Festival Best Picture Won[3][4]