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Frozen Terror, or FT, is a series of action brickfilms created by Emil Acevedo. The series follows special agents' efforts against terrorists.[1] It is among the longest running brickfilm series', spanning just under 10 years.[2]


  • Apocalypse LEGO Episode 1: Frozen Terror (2009)
    "In a cold, snowy landscape, an elite military squad is sent in to raid a mysterious compound."
  • Submergence (2010)
    "The elite squad infiltrate the mysterious compound and discover Operation Bio Renegade."
  • Club Che Boom Boom (2011)
    "Agents Alexander and Leonard scope out the nightclub, Club Che Boom Boom. They discover some nefarious activities."
  • Block War (2012)
    "Agents Alexander and Leonard interrogate the Recruiter. The Red Terror retaliate."
  • One Shot, Two Kills (2017)
    "A no-named man wakes into a cabin. The only indication of his past is a pod made by Neojin. He tries to learn more only to be interrupted by an assassin."
  • Secrets of the Hellfire Pt 1 (2019)
    "The Red Terror advances on a top secrete military weapons manufacturing and research facility."


Frozen Terror series
Apocalypse LEGO Episode 1: Frozen Terror (2009) · Submergence (2010) · Club Che Boom Boom (2011) · Block War (2012) · One Shot, Two Kills (2017) · Secrets of the Hellfire Pt 1 (2019)