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The Fright and Fear Contest was a brickfilming competition hosted by Sebastian Segura on Bricks in Motion in 2020. It was the tenth official Bricks in Motion summer contest, following the Past and Future Contest in 2019, and the first hosted by Segura, who previously had contributed articles to the site. The contest received 34 accepted entries, tying with the 2010 Avant-Garde Contest for most entries to a Bricks in Motion summer contest until they were beaten by MANiiFEST in 2022.[1]

Judging and prizes[]

The contest was judged by a panel consisting of "rioforce", Harrison Allen, Seán Willis, Orion from the BCC Crew, and Sebastian Segura. Like the preceding Bricks in Motion Summer contests, no formal set of judging criteria was used, but consideration was given to originality, production values (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme.[2]

Prizes were awarded to the top three placing entrants in a prize pool format. The three prizes available were a copy of Dragonframe 4 including Bluetooth controller, a Brickstuff Pico LED light board starter kit, and's Zombie Couple Minifigs.

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
The Accident "JO Co"
assassin's moral "AwestruckPajamaPeople"
Attack of the Gummy Sharks PT. 3 "Kraken Films"
A Bump in the Night Sam Futhey
Cursed Abbey Stéphane Triquoit
The Deaf Sailor Seza Tiara Selen
Dixi des Grauens Rainer Storck
Dr. Grimm's Foul Formula! "Animation Base1"
Facing Fears "Shane studios"
A Few Snippets of the Afterlife of the Late Sir Gregory Carbuncle III "Wammy"
Frankenstew Hudson Ludy
The Fugitive "Ziltrag"
Funeral Fiends Jonathan Mangiapane
Guardian "Awesomepants Films"
The Guardian "Legogif Productions"
HELLSCAPE "Squidtastic Videos"
The Hunter Payton "BrickCraft Productions" Gatewood
The Hunt for the thing! Baustin "BCStrike Productions" Curtis
Isolation Måns Saari Jonsson
Justified Kaleb Barkman
The Keepers "Unity Productions"
Luster Stephan Euvrard
Melophobia Nathaniel "Brickquarium Productions" Kintz
Murder Mystery 2 Borislav "CloudyVS" van Son
Night Of Burning Souls "Wagner Films"
PLANET PogRe0uL "Jedindy"
The Revenge of the Pants Justin "JuiceBoxStudios" Waller
still at large. Levi Johnson
The Terrifically Terrible Troll Nick "OneDouglas" Douglas
under the bed Kjell Danfors
Wachtmeister Reinmann #09 - Das Suppenmoor Hans Präßler
Wrath of the evil LEGO scientist "Legobytes"
Zombieman Legend Joshua Nelson


Top 10
Place Film Name Director
1. Isolation Måns Saari Jonsson
2. Justified Kaleb Barkman
3. A Bump in the Night Sam Futhey
4. Cursed Abbey Stéphane Triquoit
5. still at large. Levi Johnson
6. The Accident "JO Co"
7. The Deaf Sailor Seza Tiara Selen
8. Zombieman Legend Joshua Nelson
9. Frankenstew Hudson Ludy
10. HELLSCAPE "Squidtastic Videos"


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