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Fried Circuit is a 2015 sci-fi drama brickfilm by Thomas Evans. It follows the story of a scientist who transfers his mind to a robot right before a cataclysmic event.[1] It was an entry into the twelfth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and ultimately won first place.[2]

The design of the robot in the film was influenced by the design of the main character in the brickfilm Delivering Mail by Bruno Lefèvre.[3]


A massive explosion envelopes a city. Right before the explosion consumes his lab, a scientist transfers his mind to a robot. After a while, the robot emerges from its protective cocoon. It looks about and appears saddened by the sight of the destruction, and the skeleton of the scientist.

The robot moves down the past the cubicles in the office, all empty. It spots a bunker, with its door ajar. Inside are a mass of skeletons. The robot, sad, drags the scientist's skeleton into the bunker and leaves. As a new day breaks, the robot perks up a bit.[1]


  • Thomas Evans - Animator
  • Sam Farbach - Help
  • Yann Christopher - Ideas[4]
  • James Evans - Help
  • Ken Evans - Sound Design
  • Oscar L'Orange - Help