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Freedom Force is a duo of action comedy brickfilm by Ola Tandstad and Adrian Berg.[1] They are parodies of American action films, and are about an effort to completely eradicate terrorism from the world. There were intended to be more films in the series, but this did not come to be.[2]


Freedom Force - Part One: Owned[]


Terrorists scheme in their hideout

Released on April 10, 2008. When global terrorism is assumed to have been wiped out, all of the agents gather together in one place for a party.


  • Ola Tandstad as Agents, Terrorists
  • Adrian Berg as The general, The toastmaster, Agents
  • Maria Vevang as General's assistant[3]

Freedom Force - Part Two: Enter the Fightmaster[]

Released on June 12, 2008. Following the swift and brutal return of terrorism, the general heads to a prison to break out a highly skilled ex-soldier, Max Fightmaster.


  • Ola Tandstad as Max Fightmaster, Burly 'nam soldier, Escort guard 2
  • Adrian Berg as The general, Escort guard 1, Bored 'nam soldier


  • Ola Tandstad - Creator
  • Adrian Berg - Creator
  • Kristian Larssen - Helicopter scene assistant animator[4]
  • Haakon Sørvik - Thanks
  • BR Toys Moa - Thanks