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Fred's Day is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios,[1] credited primarily to Billy Gribbin.[2] It follows a man who imagines adventurous scenarios while going about his day,[3] and its concept was inspired by the short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on and came in fourth place.[4] It was one of two entries by Leftfield Studios with the other being the first place winner, Aladibababad.


Fred heads out to work. He enters his office, where he is a private detective. A woman enters, and Fred asks what she wants him for. She responds that she wants him to find a missing memo.

Fred is snapped out of his daydream and back to the reality of his office job by his boss shouting about where to look for the memo. He imagines that he is a spy as he moves through the building to get to management. He threatens a worker with a stapler before he is given the memo, coming back to the realization of where he is.

Fred's wife calls and asks him to pick up cat litter on his way home. Fred goes to the supermarket and when he reaches the plant section, he daydreams that he is an adventurer in the jungle. He ventures through a tomb to acquire a statue of a cat god, and begins to escape while avoiding traps. The cashier asks how he plans to pay.

Fred returns home, describing his day to wife. Once inside, he is the king of a castle. Invaders arrive trying to ram his door down, and King Fred calls for retaliation.[3]

References to other brickfilms[]

The grocery store advertises that they have "mega-pickles", in reference to The Customer is Always Right by Dave Corbett.