The Frame100 Podcast is a weekly brickfilming podcast hosted live on YouTube. It was created by Austin Garber (Frame5 Studios), and Tom Johnson (Scorch Bricks).

The Frame100 Podcast
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Founded by Austin Garber
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2017 - Present
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Austin started the Frame100 Podcast on June 10, 2017, hosting it on his YouTube channel via Hangouts Live. Tom and Matt (Brick Tale Studios) joined him for the first episode as an intro to the series. Guests Chris Major, Trevor Stevens, and Jared Johnson later joined as hosts.

In 2019, Austin, Tom, and Matt retired as regular hosts from the podcast, opting for occasional appearances on episodes. Sam Futhey (Locker74 Productions) joined as a host shortly afterwards.

The podcast is held on Saturdays, streamed to a live audience that can chat with the cast. There are currently 4 seasons of the show, with roughly 12 episodes per season.

Season 1 (2017)

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
S1E1 June 10, 2017 Pilot Link
S1E2 June 17, 2017 "Community comeback" Link
S1E3 June 24, 2017 "Future of Brickfilming" Link
S1E4 July 1, 2017 "BiM Discussion" Chris Major Link
S1E5 July 8, 2017 "BRAWL 2017 & More" "Skylux Studios" Link
S1E6 July 15, 2017 "BRAWL Results & Community Topics" Link
S1E7 July 22, 2017 "How to build community" Seán Willis Link
S1E8 July 29, 2017 "FPS Debate" William Osborne Link
S1E9 August 5, 2017 "All The Things" Matthew Kimball, Seán Willis Link
S1E10 August 12, 2017 "Build your channel" Rafael Figueroa Link
S1E11 August 19, 2017 "Hobby Or Job?" Chris Major Link
S1E12 July 15, 2017 "Season 1 Finale" Gareth Pugh, Benjamin Ely Link

Season 2 (2017)

Episode Air Date Guest(s) Link
S2E1 October 7, 2017 Link
S2E2 October 14, 2017 Link
S2E3 October 21, 2017 Link
S2E4 October 24, 2017 Marcus Phoon Link
S2E5 November 4, 2017 Nate Swihart, Shawarma Studios Link
S2E6 November 11, 2017 Link
S2E7 November 18, 2017 Jared Johnson Link
S2E8 November 25, 2017 Link
S2E9 December 2, 2017 Trevor Stevens Link
S2E10 December 9, 2017 Link
S2E11 December 23, 2017 Link

Season 3 (2018)

Episode Air Date Guest(s) Link
S3E1 February 3, 2018 Lainie May, Shawarma Studios Link
S3E2 February 10, 2018 "Sir Snorlax" Link
S3E3 February 17, 2018 Link
S3E4 February 24, 2018 Chris Wynn and Lucas Mass Link
S3E5 March 3, 2018 Link
S3E6 March 10, 2018 Link
S3E7 March 31, 2018 Link
S3E8 April 7, 2018 Maxime Baconnais and Mathieu Blangy Link
S3E9 April 14, 2018 Lainie May, Shawarma Studios Link
S3E10 April 21, 2018 Link
S3E11 April 28, 2018 Benjamin Ely Link
S3E12 May 5, 2018 Link

Season 4

Episode Air Date Guest(s) Link
S4E1 June 30, 2018 Link
S4E2 July 7, 2018 Link


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