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The Frame100 Podcast is a weekly brickfilming podcast hosted live on YouTube. It was created by Austin Garber (Frame5 Studios), and Tom Johnson (Scorch Bricks).

The Frame100 Podcast
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Founded by Austin Garber
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Years active
2017 - Present
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Austin Garber started the Frame100 Podcast on June 10, 2017, hosting it on his YouTube channel via Hangouts Live. Tom Johnson and Brick Tale Studios joined him for the first episode as an intro to the series. Guests Chris Major, Trevor Stevens, and Jared Johnson later joined as hosts.

In 2019, Garber, Johnson, and Brick Tale Studios retired as regular hosts from the podcast, opting for occasional appearances on episodes. Sam Futhey (Locker74 Productions) joined as a host shortly afterwards, following a guest appearance on an episode discussing his Ace Brickman series.

In June 2020, the podcast rebooted with hosts Chris Major, Trevor Stevens, Jared Johnson, Sam Futhey, and Marcus Phoon. The show switched from a live stream format to a pre-recorded format and was given a dedicated YouTube channel. Additional livestreams for community events were added to supplement regular episodes.

Season 1 (2017)[]

Season 1 originally aired on the Frame5 Studios channel, with Austin, Matt, and Tom as hosts. Each episode would be livestreamed via YouTube, with webcams live for hosts who so wished. Chris came on as a guest for two episodes and would later become a host for Season 2. Guests William Osborne and Seán Willis would later go on to create and host The World of Brickfilms Podcast.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
S1E1 June 10, 2017 Pilot Link
S1E2 June 17, 2017 "Community comeback" Link
S1E3 June 24, 2017 "Future of Brickfilming" Link
S1E4 July 1, 2017 "BiM Discussion" Chris Major Link
S1E5 July 8, 2017 "BRAWL 2017 & More" "Skylux Studios" Link
S1E6 July 15, 2017 "BRAWL Results & Community Topics" Link
S1E7 July 22, 2017 "How to build community" Seán Willis Link
S1E8 July 29, 2017 "FPS Debate" William Osborne Link
S1E9 August 5, 2017 "All The Things" Matthew Kimball, Seán Willis Link
S1E10 August 12, 2017 "Build your channel" Rafael Figueroa Link
S1E11 August 19, 2017 "Hobby Or Job?" Chris Major Link
S1E12 July 15, 2017 "Season 1 Finale" Gareth Pugh, "rioforce" Link

Season 2 (2017)[]

Season 2 saw the additions of Chris, Jared, and Trevor as hosts, with Jared and Trevor joining partway through the season. Each episode was live streamed from the Frame5 Studios channel, with webcams enabled for some hosts and guests. Marcus came on as a guest towards the beginning half of the season for his film and would later become a host.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
S2E1 October 7, 2017 "State of Animation" Link
S2E2 October 14, 2017 "More Community ideas w/Dudebrick" Jared Johnson Link
S2E3 October 21, 2017 "Spirit Of Adventure & Channel Reviews" Link
S2E4 October 24, 2017 "If LEGO was self Aware ft. Marcus Phoon" Marcus Phoon Link
S2E5 November 4, 2017 "Updates & Community Chat w/Nate & Shwarma" Nate Swihart, Shawarma Studios Link
S2E6 November 11, 2017 "Austin's back & BrickaBrack Controversy" Link
S2E7 November 18, 2017 "Community Things w/DudeBrick" Jared Johnson Link
S2E8 November 25, 2017 "New show New Us" Link
S2E9 December 2, 2017 "Pongowl's Legendary Film w/SuitedNinjaNerd" Trevor Stevens Link
S2E10 December 9, 2017 "Ace Brickman HYPE & THAC Things!" Link
S2E11 December 23, 2017 "Christmas Special & Season 2 Finale" Link

Season 3 (2018)[]

Season 3 would see a transition from the Frame5 Studios YouTube channel to a dedicated Frame100 Podcast channel, starting midway through the season. This would be the last season to stream webcams live through the old Google Hangouts interface.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
S3E1 February 3, 2018 "THAC XV ft. Lainie & Shawarma" Lainie May, Shawarma Studios Link
S3E2 February 10, 2018 "Back to Basics with Sir Snorlax" "Sir Snorlax" Link
S3E3 February 17, 2018 "Community stuff" Link
S3E4 February 24, 2018 "A chat w/ Chris Wynn" Chris Wynn and Lucas Mass Link
S3E5 March 3, 2018 "Talkin to the Fans" Link
S3E6 March 10, 2018 "MIDSEASON Finale!!" Link
S3E7 March 31, 2018 "Back Into The Swing Of Things" Link
S3E8 April 7, 2018 "The 8x8x8, Small Places, and Small Spaces" Maxime Baconnais and Mathieu Blangy Link
S3E9 April 14, 2018 "CGI Faces and CGI Places" Lainie May, Shawarma Studios Link
S3E10 April 21, 2018 "The Inspiration Game and Nostalgia Trip" Link
S3E11 April 28, 2018 "The New Admin of Bricks in Motion" "rioforce" Link
S3E12 May 5, 2018 "Finale, Austin Is Back, And Gareth's Squad 42" Link

Season 4 (2018-2019)[]

Season 4 was the last season to feature original hosts Austin, Matt , and Tom, as all would retire to pursue other interests in the Lego community. A new streaming format was developed for the season, save the final episode of the season which reverted to the original live webcam format. Midway through, Sam came in as a guest and would become a host for the remainder of the season and the next season of the show.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
S4E1 June 30, 2018 "We're Back!" Link
S4E2 July 7, 2018 "Summer of Contests" Link
S4E3 October 27, 2018 "Halloween Special!" Link
S4E4 November 3, 2018 "All About The Sets [Part 1]" Toast Link
S4E5 November 18, 2018 "The Frame100 Chillcast" Link
S4E6 December 1, 2018 "The 25 Days of Brickfilms" Link
S4E7 December 8, 2018 "Practicing Practical Effects" Sam Futhey Link
S4E8 December 16, 2018 "The Art of Sound" Link
S4E9 February 9, 2019 "We're Back from THAC" Link
S4E10 February 16, 2019 "This Podcast Is Gonna Get Stuck Inside Your Head" Link
S4E11 February 23, 2019 "Brickfilm Day Never Ends" James Cawood Link
S4E12 March 9, 2019 "The Voices In Our Heads" Link
S4E13 March 16, 2019 "Finale Full of Brickfilming Mechanisms" Garry Moore Link

Reboot (2020-Present)[]

Frame100 rebooted the podcast with a new pre-recorded format in mid 2020, focusing on different aspects of the brickfilming process, commenting on community events and contests, and discussing updates to personal projects. The show quickly departed from the season format and restarted from episode 1 to cement the format of the new show. Marcus joined as a host with the first episode, developing the new format with Chris, Jared, Trev, and Sam long before his debut.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
E1 June 13, 2020 "Let's Catch Up" Link
E2 June 20, 2020 "To All The Brickfilms I've Watched Before" Link
E3 June 27, 2020 "Fateful Findings" Link
E4 July 11, 2020 "Food, Actually" Link
E5 July 18, 2020 "Bricks of Future Past" Link
E6 July 25, 2020 "Big Trouble in Little LEGO Store" Link
E7 August 1, 2020 "Jared Come Home" Link
E8 August 8, 2020 "Indiana Sam And The Harrisons Of Ford" Link
E9 August 15, 2020 "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonframe" Link
E10 August 22, 2020 "The Killing Of An Unreleased Brickfilm" Link
E11 August 29, 2020 "The Brick Element" Link
E12 September 5, 2020 "The Set Bump From The Black Lagoon" Link
E13 September 19, 2020 "The Ember Island Brickfilmers" Link
E15 October 11, 2020 "Stranger Frames" Link
E16 October 18, 2020 "The Nightmare Before Chris" Link
E17 October 25, 2020 "Frame100 And The Prisoner Of Marzipan" Link
E18 November 11, 2020 "The Return Of The Jared" Link
E19 January 31, 2021 "The BIONICLE Strikes Back" Link
E20 February 14, 2020 "A Taco To Trouble For" Link

Special Events (2020-Present)[]

With the announcement of the Brickfilmer's Guild Awards during the annual Brickfilm Day event, Frame100 hosted events to livestream reactions and commentary to both the Brickfilmer's Guild. Intended as a recurring event, the following year included live reactions to the films in the official Brickfilm Day 2021 playlist.

Episode Air Date Title Guest(s) Link
Special Event March 7, 2020 The 1st Frame100 Annual Brickfilm Day/Brickfilmer's Guild Awards Stream (2020) The Four Monkeys/James Cawood Link
Special Event March 27, 2021 The 2nd Frame100 Annual Brickfilm Day/Brickfilmer's Guild Awards Stream (2021) Link