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Quatre Tenons (English title: "Four Studs") is a 2021 comedy brickfilm by Maxime Marion. It follows Henri, who, amid a global pandemic, is attempting to observe guidelines of lockdown and maintaining a physical distance of four studs, when Edmond decides to pay him a visit.[1] It is the fourth installment in the Henri & Edmond series, following Plastic Love from 2014. It is set to be followed by Bad Seed in 2023.



  • Hervé Bonafos as Henri
  • Jean-Marie Pexoto as Edmond
  • Céline Lehmann as Journalist
  • Maxime Marion as Firmin
  • Stéphane Rochard as "Il Maschio" voiceover
  • Claire Sabau as Zombies
  • Amaury Sabau as Zombies
  • Sarah Linder as Brenda
  • Lilian Ginet as Bobby, the victim
  • Élodie Postel as Aligato


  • Maxime Marion - Writer, Director
  • Quentin Billard - Original music
  • Amaury Sabau - "Confinés en Slip" songwriter
  • Kloou - Set design
  • Amélie & Joël Dabin - Scenery
  • "France & Alex" - Scenery
  • Marc Schickelé - Scenery
  • Stéphane Triquoit - "Parfum Il Maschio" animator
  • "BrickMDprod'" - "Tronçonneuse Coup'Tout" animator
  • Kim Smith - Translator
  • Stéphane Humez, Nicolas Huber, Kim Smith (The Four Monkeys), "Ogeid Animation Studio", "BrickMDprod'", "SquittyStudios", "Moi30540", "The Little Brick", "Brick51", "Yael's Brickfilms", "Thiago100", "Blue Gacha", Helga Pexoto, Williaan Nathi Antoine,, the Marion family - Special thanks

Commercial contest[]

For the opening scene in which Henri flips between TV channels, a contest was hosted on the Brick à Brack forums for people to create brief animations to appear in the scene. The contest began on July 9, 2021, with a deadline of July 22. Entrants were asked to create something that could immediately be identified as a commercial, and were mostly free to create the subject matter themselves. Entries were required to be no longer than 5 seconds and not refer to Henri, Edmond, or any events from the series.[2]

The contest received 10 entries, from Stéphane Triquoit, "Blue Gacha", "Brique51", "Ogeid Animation", "MOI30540", "The Little Brick", "Yael's Brickfilms", "Thiago100", "BrickMDprod'", and "SquittyStudios". Two winners were selected and included in the film: "Parfum Il Maschio" by Stéphane Triquoit, and "Tronçonneuse Coup'Tout" by "BrickMDprod'". The other entries can be seen here.


Year Competition Category Result
2021 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival by Single Animator Won
Best Story and Screenplay Won
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Scenic Design Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Original Music Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Won
BFG's Member's Choice Nominated
Best Non-English Language Brickfilm Won
Brickstars Top 10 (French) Third place


Henri & Edmond series
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