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Forum Addiction is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman. It is the second film in the Matt and Cal series and is about Matt being addicted to the forums and not noticing a host of bizarre and supernatural shenanigans behind him.[1] The origin of the strange occurrences is later discovered in Deep Space.[2]

Forum Addiction is heavily based on Words of Wisdom by Chris Salt, and uses the same music as in that film.


Matt is browsing the forums on Cal walks in and sees him, and shakes his head while walking away. Various strange events occur through the house, such as a lightsaber fight, a crook being chased by police, Rod Serling being chased by a ghost, Matt and Cal's friend Brian being abducted by aliens, and a Benny Hill chase involving many characters.

Cal, looking to use the computer, tells Matt that he has been on it for three days, but Matt just grunts at him. Cal leaves and returns with a pipe, and whacks Matt off the computer. A warning appears: "Beware of the forums (they really are that addictive)".[1]


  • Matthew Lieberman - Director, Producer, Animator, Editor
  • Cody Lieberman - Director, Producer, Voices


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