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Flux & Strength-Man! is a 2005 superhero comedy brickfilm by Robinson Wood and Toph Beach.[1] It is about two builders who receive super powers from toxic waste and chase a villain.[2] It was an entry to the Heroes and Villains Contest on and placed eighth. It was one of two HaV entries by Wood, with the other being Frankenstein, which came in first.[3]

Flux & Strength-Man! was also entered into a short film competition at Wood and Beach's high school church group, and won Best Picture and Best Special Effects.[4]


Two builders, Heathcliff and Russell, are at work when Heathcliff's jackhammer slips from his hands and lands on Russell, separating him into pieces. Heathcliff is then hit by a boulder and sent flying into a vat of toxic waste, which splashes onto Russell and causes him to become reconstructed. Russell finds that he has gotten a superpower and can remove his body parts at will, and Heathcliff says that he feels stronger now.

They encounter a distressed old man who cannot find his pants, when a villain appears and reveals that he has stolen them. Heathcliff discovers he has super strength when he crashes through a wall trying to catch the villain, and Russell and Heathcliff get into superhero costumes, becoming Flux and Strength-Man, before pursuing. The villain escapes by car and Flux and Strength-Man give chase on bicycles. The villain heads down a hole in the ground leading to a production line creating vats of toxic waste, and he ties the heroes to a conveyor that will take them to their doom. At the last second, Flux throws a circular saw at a pipe that spills toxic waste onto the villain, melting him, and Flux and Strength-Man break free, their mission now accomplished.[2]


  • Robinson Wood as Flux, Villain
  • Toph Beach as Strength-Man
  • Ginny Wood as Pantless guy


  • Robinson Wood - Writer, Director, Animator, Composer, Editor, Sound effects
  • Toph Beach - Writer, Director, Animator, Composer