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Flight of The Penguin is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Jacob Schwartz and Kevin Horowitz.[1] It follows two pilots who become stranded following the crash of their craft, The Penguin.[2] It was created for the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, in which it tied for eleventh place in the judges' results and placed thirteenth in the entrants' choice.[3] The title and plot are loosely based on The Flight of the Phoenix.[4]


Two pilots, one in a white helmet and one in a yellow helmet, are falling out of the sky in their ship named The Penguin. They find themselves stranded on a perfectly square island with their ship smashed to pieces. They spot something falling from the sky, and a giant instruction booklet lands on the island. White sees himself on the instructions, and the pair decide to try following the instructions to see if it will help them rebuild their ship.

The two pilots follow the instructions step by step until they have assembled a brand new ship. Yellow then attempts to attach the "Penguin" sign for decoration, but White becomes enraged that this piece is not in the instructions and confiscates it before clubbing Yellow to death with it. White tries to leave the island, but finds that The Penguin still cannot achieve flight.[2]


  • Jacob Schwartz - Director, Producer, Animator, Editor, White voice
  • Kevin Horowitz - Director, Producer, Animator, Editor, Yellow voice