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Flashbacks, also known as Flashbacks: Redux, is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Nathan Wells. It is the seventh film in the Alex and Derrick series, and it follows the story of Alex and Derrick remembering interesting and bizarre events in the past. The original version of Flashbacks lacks the final scene and was made for the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, ultimately winning third place.[1] A few months after the contest, Nathan Wells released a Redux version of Flashbacks that includes the final scene and finished sound design.[2]

Flashbacks was the last film in the Alex and Derrick series for over six years, until the short Derricking Ball in 2013 and main installment Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later in 2014.



Ben and Andy mock the Harry Potter nerds

Alice invites Alex and Derrick to a costume party. Alex objects, stating he doesn't like costumes. Derrick counters, pointing out they all wore costumes when they picked up the last Harry Potter book. In a flashback, all three of them are dressed up. They make fun of the Star Wars fans across the street. Among the Star Wars fans are Ben and Andy, who mock the Harry Potter fans.

Derrick continues that costumes aren't so bad, pointing out that he and Alice were in a costume for their first kiss. In a flashback, Derrick hangs upside down in a Spider-Man costume while Alice kisses him in the rain.

Alice interrupts, stating that it wasn't like that at all. In the real flashback, Derrick and Alice are about to awkwardly kiss outside Alice's home when they are interrupted by Alice's dad, the Stoic Man.

Alex notes that wasn't nearly as awkward after they went out to eat after seeing the film 300. In a flashback, Derrick, dressed as Leonidas, crieds "Tonight we dine in hell!" while Alex and Alice look embarrassed.

Alex finally agrees to go to the costume party. At the party, he runs into a lady. In a flashfoward, Alex tells his kids "And that's how I met your mother." The lady appears, saying "That's not how it happened at all!"[2]



  • Nathan Wells - Director, animator, writer, editor, sound effects
  • Bert Loos - Music
  • Johann Pachelbel - Music
  • Danny Elfman - Music
  • John Anthony Sponsler, Jr. - Music
  • Tom Gire - Music
  • Gustavo Santaolalla - Music
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber - Music
  • - Rain effect
  • Zach Macias - Digital effects, sound effects
  • "Inchadney" - Sound effects
  • Mirko Horstmann - Sound effects
  • Chris LaRocca - Sound effects
  • Roland Szentesi - Sound effects


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