Filip Bergström
Filip's signature figure
Also known as
  • Filip
  • legotheking96
  • TheThousandBrick
Years active
  • 2006 - 2011
  • 2014 - 2015
Nationality Sweden Flag Swedish
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Filip Bergström is a Swedish brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the series Jake's adventure. He was inspired to start brickfilming after seeing The LEGO Clan on YouTube in 2006.[2] Some of his brickfilms are missing, as his original YouTube channel was hacked and eventually deleted.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2007 The Fuzz Trailer
2007 The Bike
2008 World Destruction Trailer X
2008 Tha' Quest for tha' Missprinted Hitpoint Counter Thing The Quest for ' ̲ ̲ ̲ ̲ ̲ ̲ ̲ ' Contest entry
2008 poop001
2008 onornolol
2008 The THAC Idea Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5A entry
2008 Teh THAC Idea 2 olol Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5B entry
2008 Jake's adventure: w00t ducks!11!
2008 Seán Willis - Ireland Douze Point
2008 Jake's adventure: angry bertl
2008 101 Uses for a LEGO Stud #4
2008 Jake's adventure: DINO CRISIS Dino Crises parody
2008? The Crazy Naked Dude Trailer
2008 Jake's adventure: BAFA stuff Unfinished and unreleased
2009 The Über THAC Idea Co-production with Seán Willis
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry
2009 Jake's adventure: olol portal Amateurs in Motion Contest entry
2009 legotheking96 kills sillypenta[3]
2009 Bert Loos Gets Smashed Out a Window by a Mafia Boss With a Chicken Leg X Dane Cook Gets... parody
2010 Untitled X Not-submitted Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 film
2010 Jake's adventure: zombeys!1!
2010 Kaboom and ShamWow!
2014 A special JAKE'S ADVENTURE announcement


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