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Fight, also known as Fight: A Stikfas Film, is an award-nominated 2007 action film by Errol Elumir. It follows the story of a woman martial artist who fights off several opponents[1]. It was made with Stikfas figurines and not any type of construction toy. While it is not technically a brickfilm (though LEGO baseplates do appear), it was nominated for several Brick Award for Film Arts awards.[2]


The Lady wakes up suddenly. She is in the middle of a black voice, standing atop large gray baseplates. As she moves about, more baseplates fold upward to expand the area. Two opponents, Green and Red, jump down from above. Green and Red rush the Lady, who fights them off expertly. Lady punches Green off the edge of the area, and shortly kicks off Red as well.

Suddenly, the Lady is surrounded by more Red and Green opponents. She fights them all off. Finally, a black ninja appears, rushing at the Lady with a sword. The Lady detaches her hair and smacks the ninja out cold.


Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Animation Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated