Feel Great
Ben takes a bite out of his Nutti-Grain bar
Ben takes a bite out of his Nutti-Grain bar
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Directed by
  • Nathan Wells
  • Zach Macias
  • Comedy
  • Slapstick
  • Parody
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Part of the Ben and Andy series
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Back to School Nightmare A [Post] Halloween Extravaganza
Part of the Alex and Derrick series
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Spoilerz! Slapstick

Feel Great is a 2006 comedy parody brickfilm by Nathan Wells and Zach Macias. It follows the story of Ben eating a Nutti-Grain bar and running around town in a frantic state and is a parody of the viral video Nutrigrain Ad. It is also the first co-production between Nathan Wells and Zach Macias and the first crossover between Macias's Ben and Andy characters and Wells's Alex and Derrick characters.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Ben is at home and takes a bite out of Nutti-Grain bar. He sits and declares "Ooohh yeaaah, I feel great!" He runs out of his house and runs down the street before bursting into Alex and Derrick's apartment. Ben babbles about the weather and exclaims "I feel great!" Derrick, befuddled, only manages a weak "What?" before Ben grunts and leaves, running into Alex in the hallway. Ben asks Alex if he feels great. Alex, alarmed, runs past Ben.

Ben meets Andy on the street, and declares once again that he feels great and goads Andy to hit him. Andy, incredulous, asks if Ben is sure. Ben is, and Andy punches Ben right in the gut. Ben collapses, groaning, as an ad pops up: "Kellego's Nutti-Grain - Feel Great."[1]

Cast[edit | edit source]

Crew[edit | edit source]

Ads for the Nutti-Grain bar show up in two additional films by Nathan Wells: in the subway in The Future is Calling (top) and on a billboard in Blinders (bottom)

References in Other Brickfilms[edit | edit source]

Nathan Wells would go on to use the fictional Kellegos brand with the Nutti-Grain product in his films. A subway ad featuring Ben, Andy, Alex and Derrick shows up briefly in The Future is Calling,[2] and a billboard ad promoting a new kale flavor is visible for an extended moment in Blinders.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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