Fast Forward II
A bomb goes off in the bank
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Directed by
Alec Joler and Aristides Zamora
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Fast Forward II is a 2002 action brickfilm by Alec Joler and Aristides Zamora. It is about the police pursuit of a crew of bank robbers.[2] It is the sequel to Fast Forward from 1994. Both films were screened at the 2003 Hi/Lo Film Festival.[3]

Plot Edit

In a dockside town, a crew arrive in a van and enter the bank to rob it. A civilian runs outside and is shot, which is noticed by a police officer who requests backup and air support. A crew member tries to move the van but runs back into the bank when he sees the police officer. The crew bomb a wall of the bank and flee in a car through the adjacent parking lot, as police backup begins to arrive.

A police helicopter arrives as the crew reach a boat and escape by water. The helicopter picks up the first police officer on a winch and carries him in pursuit of the boat. The officer shoots crew members until he manages to land on the boat. The driver begins to fight him and doesn't notice that they are heading for the top of a dam. The boat crashes and the driver is sent over the dam, as the officer takes the case of money and grabs the helicopter winch to be taken to safety.[2]

Crew Edit

  • Alec Joler - Writer, Director, Animator
  • Aristides Zamora - Writer, Director, Camera
  • Alex Lucas, Amy Hoffman, Anja Unfeldt, Bee Brezin, Barney Haynes, Richard Beggs, Brendon Moran, CCAC/FVP, David Sherman, Gavin Stevens, Jeanne Finly, Mary Wilson, J. McTiernan, Nefertiti Kelly, Noah Bartlett, North Pitney, Savanna Hayzer, Shiho Yoshikawa, Stupid Fun Club, Tim Biker, Tommy Busch, Families - Special thanks

Sequel Edit

From 2012 to 2014, updates about a third Fast Forward film were posted to a Facebook page. Though updates stopped being posted, in 2017 Aristides Zamora suggested that the film was still coming.[4]

References Edit

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