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Fast Forward is a 1994 action brickfilm by Alec Joler. It follows a jailbreak and the police chase that ensues.[2] It was followed by Fast Forward II in 2002.


A criminal is in a cell in a police station, and a man in police uniform arrives outside. He enters and shoots the police inside before freeing the prisoner. He drops a bomb and the two drive away in police cars as the police station explodes.

A police officer receives a call on his radio to chase the two police cars. He drives after them and knocks one over, causing it to explode. He chases the other and tries to ram its side, but an oncoming truck runs him off the road. A man in a tanker truck stops, helps the officer out of his car and then lends him his truck. He continues the chase and follows tyre tracks leading to the dock, where he sees the criminal escaping by boat. The officer backs up the truck, drives forward at speed and jumps out. The truck launches off the pier and collides with the boat in a massive explosion.[2]


Fast Forward was shot on Hi8 tape and edited with a VCR.[3] Its name came from it having to be viewed by pressing fast-forward on a VCR, as it actually took up 30 minutes of a VHS at normal speed.[4] This means that the film was presumably originally silent, with sound recorded and added at a later date.


In 1997, Fast Forward won first place in the Secondary Division Original Category at the sixth annual KAN Film Festival in Kansas.[5] In 1998, it received a Finalist Award in the high school division at the WorldFest International Film Festival in Flagstaff, Arizona.[6] It was also shown at the Hi/Lo Film Festival in 2003 and 2007.[7][8]