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Fantastic Brickfilms and Where To Make Them (French name: Les Brickfilms Fantastiques de Brick à Brack) was a brickfilming competition held officially by Brick à Brack in 2018 for brickfilms about Fantastic Beasts and/or Harry Potter, to tie in with the release of the film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.


The Fantastic Brickfilms and Where To Make Them contest was announced on Brick à Brack by "YanleJedi" and Chris Major on October 21, 2018. Entries were required to be about characters from the Fantastic Beasts and/or Harry Potter franchises, and be between 20 seconds and 7 minutes long. The deadline was November 30, 2018, and the contest received 24 entries.[1][2]

The jury consisted of "Cyprigo", "YanleJedi", Maxime Baconnais, "Clockwerck", and "Gwen Movies". Results were released on December 14, 2018.[3][4]

The prizes were provided via the LEGO Ambassador Network, and consisted of the LEGO sets 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall for first place, 75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow for second place, 75956 Quidditch Match for third place, 41615 Harry Potter & Hedwig for fourth place, and 41616 Hermione Granger for fifth place.[5]


Place Film Name Director
1. Hogwarts TV Seza Tiara Selen
2. Amnésia Théo Aron
3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Chapter One: Introduction Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
4. Death Eaters Joseph Orr
5. Harry Potter à l'école des sauciers "Nounours"
6. L'école beauxBâtons Sebastien Marlin
7. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 5 Minutes "reichlyns1"
8. Severus and Dobby Joshua Nelson
9. LEGO Harry Potter: The Apparition Competition - Hogwarts Life - E2 "Isaac The Animator"
10. Harry Potter And The Fantastic Beasts Stuart Nelson and Keith Nelson
11. Michel le mange mort et... la mission "Michel"
12. LEGO Harry Potter and the Half-Banana Prince "Nerdy Nom Nom"
13. Hairy Pot Ear "CheepJokes"
14. Harry Potter et le coffre magique "CeprecoTeam"
15. Harry Potter et la coupe de folie "team_folie"
16. How to Defeat Grindelwald "SCDude1999"
17. Harry potter and the golden staff "Colton Q"
18. Harry Potter et le canard en plastique Clément Persicot
19. Red Head Redemption "team_duel"
20. La véritable histoire du choixpeau "FlorineDuval"
21. Cédric Digory à l'école des sorciers "MEC"
22. lego HARRY POTTER "MOI30540"
23. Messing with Monsters "minideliciouspant"
24. LEGO MOVIE "matteo2007"


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