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Falling Out is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by Joshua Leasure. It is a music video to the song of the same name by Ween, and it follows two mustachioed rivals who repeatedly sabotage each other.[1] It was Leasure's first major brickfilm project,[2] and was one of a number of notable Ween brickfilm music videos emerging from this point in time, with others including The Mollusk by Greg Perry, Where'd The Cheese Go? by Chris Salt, and Voodoo Lady by Alex "Luke Warm Mediocre Studios" Wright.


A man in blue and a man in red face off, displeased with each other. The blue man knocks the red man's hat off, and in turn the red man returns the favor. When the blue man leans to pick up his hat, the red man kicks him over.

The blue man leaves an oil spill on a path before waiting around the corner. The red main walks down the path and slips on the oil, and when he is on the ground, the blue man knocks his hat off. Later, the blue man is on a bike and he passes the red man who puts a stick in the spokes of a wheel to tip the bike over. The blue man falls onto the ground, and the red man knocks his hat off.

The red man parks his car and enters a building. The blue man arrives to sabotage the car, unscrewing the nuts and bolts. When the red man returns and drives away, his car begins to fall to pieces on the road. The blue man arrives to knock off his hat one more time.[1]

HutKrieg!! 1[]

In 2004, Leasure was contacted by German company Arvato Mobile, who were requesting 15-30 second brickfilms that they could sell on their mobile content download service. Leasure sourced a small group of brickfilmers for this task, and also made one submission himself. His film, titled HutKrieg!! 1, was based on Falling Out as it followed a man in blue on a bicycle stealing the hat from a man in red. It is comprised of entirely new footage.