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Fallen: Part One is an award-nominated 2005 drama brickfilm by Brendan Henry. The story follows an angel and her fall to earth.[1]


Two men, Pete and Jeff, sit in a boat on a swamp, looking for something. Pete suggests "They might not be out there." which Jeff rebuffs. It's silent for a moment, and then Pete asks Jeff about his silence. Jeff states he likes being silent. Pete implores Jeff to do something loud for once. Jeff takes out a large gun, stating "This, my friend, is loud. Very loud." and fires the gun. Birds fly into the air and Jeff continues to fire, deafening Pete. Pete calls Jeff a lousy shot, and Jeff says it was fun.

Up in heaven, an angel is shot out of the air by Jeff's gun. She falls to earth, her wings torn off. The angel begins to walk but eventually collapses in the middle of a road. A car stops and a man, Jim, asks if the angel is okay. She doesn't respond, so Jim decides to take her to the hospital.

While in the car, the angels says the doctors won't know what to do and asks to be taken home. Jim reluctantly agrees, saying "You'd better not die on me, alright." The angel responds halfheartedly: "Alright."


Part Two[]

Fallen: Part One ends with a "To be continued" with a promise of Fallen: Part Two. A teaser for Fallen: Part Two was released in 2006, but a full follow-up film was never released. Had Brendan Henry completed the project, there would also presumably have been a third part as Fallen was originally announced as a trilogy.[2]


Fallen: Part One was nominated for four awards in the 2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts awards, including Best Overall Film.[3][4]

Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Overall Film Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated